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What I want to give you
Welcome to my web site, which is perhaps the most unusual ministry that you will ever find. The purpose of this site is the introduction of Jesus Christ, God's son and the only savior of all men who call upon Him, to as many as possible.
The Bible, God's complete message to mankind, says, "A man's gift maketh room for him" (Proverbs 18:16). This passage says that at the heart of every successful Christian ministry is the fulfillment of a human need. Whether it's a free, warm breakfast for inner city down-and-outers or building a hospital in the third world, you will never care what I know until you know that I care.
My gift to you are the ideas, the thoughts, or inspirations that you may find at this site. Whether you use these ideas as the basis for a marketable product or as the basis of a good story or simply for your amusement, I share them with you without expectation of any tangible compensation whatsoever.
Because the Bible plainly teaches that the real you, your soul, will never die and that you will remember what I am telling you right now 10,000 years from now and beyond, please "make room for me" by carefully considering what God wants to give you .
Occasionally, someone will ask me, "Why don't you take your favorite idea and turn it into gold?". (Even less often they ask with a serious look on their face.)
My answer is that I have learned that Jesus has created both "concept people" and "detail people". Every successful venture needs both types. Speaking for myself, I'm hopelessly entrenched in the former camp. Nothing frustrates me more than trying to orchestrate those annoying, but necessary, details that make a project work.
Instead of driving myself to unhappiness by trying to push one of these ideas to fruition, Jesus, Who gave me these ideas, has led me into this ministry.
My dad often told me that "Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration". If you're a detail person who is willing to invest the 90%, I'm happy to contribute the rest.
God bless you. My prayer is that I will meet you some day; if not here, then hereafter.