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A Word to Students
You are attending school for two specific purposes:

1. To fill your head with information that will serve you for the rest of your life. This may include communication skills, computational skills, or details that relate to a selected trade or vocation.

2. To exercise your mind. Although it may seem that much of what you learn today will only help you if you someday meet Alex or Regis, the learning process maintains your mind to keep it susceptible to new concepts and facts. (An idle mind doesn't learn as quickly as a active one.)

So what, you say? Student, if you take these ideas and present them to your instructor as original, you cheat yourself of the mental exercise for which someone ( either you, parents, taxpayers, etc.) paid your tuition.

Let me tell you a true story.

One day, many years ago, my ninth grade math teacher gave us a surprise quiz. Shortly after the quiz began, someone came to the room with a message for our teacher. After reading the message, she spoke the following words to her students.

"Your attention, please. I thought that you would be taking just one test this morning. But an unexpected emergency has happened and I must leave right away. No other teachers are available to monitor this test. As a result, you will actually be taking two tests; one in trigonometry, and the other in honesty.

"If it appears inevitable that you will do poorly in one of these two tests, I hope that you will choose to do well in the honesty test. There are many noble citizens of this world who know nothing about trig; there are very few who know nothing about honesty."